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21-day Plant Based Diet Challenge

Welcome to the 21-day plant-based eating challenge.  The next few weeks give us the opportunity to focus on our health through nutrition during the holidays, the toughest season to manage.  This is the time to try new things so have fun with it and be creative.   Being that some of you may be new to new to a vegetarian or vegan way of eating, the challenge is going to be broken up into three parts. 

Week 1 - To ease into the journey we'll allow fish, eggs, butter, cheese, and milks for the first week

Week  2 - We're eliminating fish, milk, cheese, and butter.  Eggs allowed. 

Week 3 - We're finishing the final 7 days with a strict Plant Based Diet

There are only 2 rules for participation

  1. You must calculate your BMR so we have a caloric intake number to manage.

  2. You must keep a journal 

This will be a great way to end 2019 and start 2020 ahead of the game!

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be creative - order in - eat out - meal prep

I searched high and low looking for meal options and replacements for the meats we love to enjoy.  Chicken, beef, pork, and fish.  Below are a few options to get your feet wet.  

21-Day-PBD-Challenge: List

A convenient way to add more plant-based meals to your diet, Purple Carrot is the best way to experience new, inspiring vegan recipes and ingredients every week.

100% Plant Based Meal Delivery - Online

Meatless meat - Great variety, Frozen meals

25 years ago, Gardein was founded by a Canadian chef and culinary expert who's vision was using the power of vegetables to create a healthy fast food.  Each chef-Gardein recipe is personally crafted to deliver the best taste, quality, and texture most like meat.

Native to Southeast Asia, Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world.  With a spiky exterior and fibrous interior, the fruit's varying stages of maturity yield both different textures and flavors. Enjoy it on tacos, salads, or sandwiches, over rice, or as wings.

Vegan option to replace some meats

Private chef, Meal prep, delivery service

World-class chef to professional athletes, nutritionists, and people with special dietary requirements.  Fantastic if you're hosting an event and need options are meal prep for those days you'd like to not cook. :)

Why not try making your own vegan crab cakes or some vegan dipping sauce for your sweet potato fries.  This site has some fantastic recipes that are simple to make and look fun to eat!

Heavenly simple and delicious vegan recipes

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