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21-day Challenge Rules and Points System

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I want to thank you for taking a chance to have a little fun, for some of you, try something completely out of the ordinary! Let's make sure this is safe for you to do. Speak with your doctor and nutrition expert to regarding the recipes if necessary.

Participation is voluntary. If you feel you just can't make the 21 days, no problem boo.. do you. Just give your best effort if you're truly trying to make a change in your health and fitness.


3 weeks - 3 stages

Week 1 - Easing into it

A few of us have never attempted to eat strictly vegan. So, for the first week we have a few allowances. You may have eggs, milk, cheese, and butter. Absolutely no meat,

Week 2 - One last chance

We're dropping the dairy. You may continue with eggs.

Week 3 - Strictly plant based

You've made it this far. Hopefully you've been able to gradually eliminate the dairy and eggs with little to no effect and your smooth sailing into your final week.


In order to receive points you must journal your meals each day or take a photo of your meals (with main ingredients) so I could post and share as we go along. If you can correctly detail each macro-nutrient within the post caption you can earn points. (Fats,

Carbs, and Proteins)

25 points/meal - A meal consisting of a fruit, vegetable, legume, and whole grain.

15 points/meal - A snack or meal consisting of a combination of two of the four plant based options.

5 points/meal - A snack consisting of just one of the plant based options.

100 points/day - Keep a detailed food journal with macros and water included.

Yes, the points may get ridiculous. Have fun! I'll post a spreadsheet with the points as they come in.

Get your BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate. You're BMR is your daily caloric requirement. By focusing on what you need for energy will help you along the way. I want it to be easy to accumulate points. The more points you have, the healthier you'll become!

1050 extra points for calculating your BMR and sending it to me for data analysis.

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