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Ready S.E.T., Go!  Strength Endurance Training
- outdoor small group fun - 

Push one another to get better!

I believe exercise shouldn't break the bank.  All you want to do is stay fit, healthy, and age gracefully!  Our small group training is an OUTDOOR workout located at MAR VISTA PARK.  We currently have Classes Three Days a Week.  TUESDAY 6AM, 9AM - THURSDAY 6AM. 9AM - SATURDAY 6AM. 9AM.  All ages welcome if your serious about your fitness!

Small Group Training: About

its all in the mind - get strong there too

Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in West Los Angeles,Triston - also known as - Coach Tree, has promoted health and fitness since 2006 focused on a holistic approach with complete mind, body, and spirit guiding us to a better well-being.

Small Group Training: Welcome
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